Saturday, 28 May 2011

What do YOU like to see in a book review?

So I've been wondering this for a while now. Often, I find myself wishing that people would write shorter reviews (haha, this from the person with reviews that go on forevar!), or at least a review summary, and include specific information of what I'm looking for. I've also found myself liking the pros and cons bullet lists, but I don't know if I'm just weird that way.

I've added a poll to the sidebar, please vote vote vote!


  1. For me, it ultimately comes down to: did you like it or not, and why? I always lead reviews with the bottom line, a one-sentence summary of my feelings for a book. I follow that with more specific likes/dislikes (I'm a big fan of pro/con lists too).

    In general, reviewers should remember that readers have limited attention spans, so short and easy-to-scan reviews are better. I'll look forward to seeing your poll results!

  2. I, too, like the one-line summary and I agree that I don't always have time or feel like reading a long, long review.

    On the other hand, especially with a negative review, I feel kind of obliged to say what exactly I didn't like and why - and then I tend to ramble.

    Glad you like pro-con lists too, though! Thanks for commenting.

  3. This is a great poll. I do think reviews should be kept fairly short, since long blog posts can be quite intimidating and the hectic lives we lead in the interwebs doesn't really invite spending lots of time in one place. But as important that I find for it to be shortish, I think a review must have your own opinion about the book, characters, plot and the voice.

    I've done this the way, that I add the authors own introduction of the book and then give my thoughts on it, not bothering to do an additional summary. My style have varied quite a lot since I started keeping a book blog, but I think I've settled now for this, and it's working for me.

    Btw. consider allowing name/URL comments on your blog. It's more inviting to comment, when you can use your own name and link to your own website instead of Google account or some other of those. I know lots of people who simpy refuse to comment if name/URL is not and option. :)

    Katja from

  4. That makes sense, Katja! Thanks for commenting, and I'll get on that comment thing right away!

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