Sunday, 29 May 2011

Weekend Writing Write-Up - 29 May 2011

This week's writing progress:

1. My current WIP: Urban Fantasy-ish first (does it count as UF if there's no romance?) draft of a first novel. I'm currently 53,055 words in, and it's gearing up towards the climax. How exciting!

That's a net increase of 8,000 words since last week, which is fabulous! I've been making sure to write at least 1,000 words per day, regardless of how rough my days actually were (and recently it feels as if there aren't any other kind!), and it's making a huge difference. 

I still hadn't been brave enough to actually read what I wrote, though. I'll leave that for the first editing round six weeks after finishing it! At current projections, the draft should be done by 20 June 2011, which is so exciting!

2. My next project: The plotting is coming along - I've sketched out the three main story lines using the Story Structure by Dan Wells which made it super-easy. Now comes the timing and the scenes. I'm going full-out outline on this one, just to see if that's something that could work for me.

3. Blogging:  I think I did OK this week, yay! Posting every day went well. It helped that I had some great books to review, and already scheduled two reviews for next week. Go me!

4. Other Writing Stuff: Read some intriguing articles this week. The ones I found most useful for my current self are:

For a comprehensive list of the articles linked on #amwriting this week, see Elizabeth S Craig's blog Mystery Writing is Murder. You should totally also check out what not to do as a writer. Although I don't agree with everything, there's some good food for thought.

So, how did your writing week go? Link up so that everyone can see!


  1. Your book writing is going well then! Great to hear. :) Can you tell a bit more about it? I'm quite interested to hear. :)

    Thanks for the great links.

    I seem to run out of time between reading books and blogs, writing my WIP's and blog, and then keep up with everything going on in Twitter as well. You seem to be quite well in it all. Not sure how you do it. :D You've cloned yourself, haven't you! XD

  2. LOL! I'm not keeping up at all - though it's great to know that at least I can fake it :) I'm telling you now, if I ever even hear a hint of a cloning that works, I'll be first, second and third in line. I'll keep a spot for you at #4 though ;p