Saturday, 4 June 2011

Weekend Writing Write-Up - 4 June 2011

Weekend Writing Write-up is a weekendly meme hosted by Scribal Goddess to tell others how your writing for the week had gone.

So, this week was a disaster in terms of writing output! My WIP had two nights where I didn't even write one single word (bad, bad!) and two others where I didn't hit 1,000 words because of hectic shtuff in my life, and if I hadn't scheduled the meme and review posts, the poor blog would have been desolate this week.
Still, WIP progressed to 57,666, I managed to come up with some solid ideas for future projects and I started plotting my next project. I want to try outlining/plotting down to scene level before I start writing, just to see if it works out, so if you know of any plotting articles and such, please link me up!

Speaking of articles, the ones I read this week mainly focused on plotting, but I found a few great ones. I'm currently working through Karen Weiser's First Draft in 30 Days, while trying to keep in mind the 5 Transformational Story Elements. Also, if you haven't checked out Writing Excuses yet, you simply must do so now! So funny and so informative.

So go ahead, add your linky and tell us all about how your writing week had gone.

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